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Residential Plumbing Parts

We have all the parts you need to repair or replace the flush valves, faucets, toilets, and shower valves in your home. You’ll also find tubular parts such as T-traps, end outlets, center outlets, and extensions. Our plumbing supply store also has a wide-variety of drain cleaning equipment available, including cables, electric machines, individual parts, and hand operated augers in addition to our selection of specialty plumbing tools, such as extractors and tubing cutters.



Commercial Parts

Visit our plumbing supply store for one of the largest selections of commercial plumbing parts in the entire area. We carry sprayers, spouts, hoses, special adapters, and stems and handles for faucets. We also have the strongest available cleaning chemicals available to ensure your plumbing is looking and working great.


Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Browse our extensive collection of drain cleaning chemicals to rid your home or business of any bothersome clogs. Quik™ is a wonderful cleaner that is used on urinals to dissolve salt and hard water build up. Some of our additional cleaning products include Clog Buster™, an acid used for drain lines, and Green Blaster™, which uses crystals to open up drain lines. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of powerful drain cleaning chemicals.


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DXRacer king series chairs

Make gaming more interactive and exhilarating with the X Rocker Spider 2.1 Gaming Chair with Vibration! Immerse yourself into the game with the embedded 2.1 audio with its two speakers and subwoofer. With this gaming chair, you can also watch movies in a more exciting way. Also check Ewin gaming chairs

Rating: ★★★★☆
Price: $$

Buy X Rocker Spider 2.1 Gaming Chair Wireless with Vibration at Amazon!


+ 1 audio output with two speakers and a subwoofer using AFM Technology
+ Built-in vibration motors synced to audio for a full body experience
+ Ergonomic design with elevated seating position. Comes with pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities and padded flip-up arms.
+ Great for gaming, watching movies, listening to music, relaxing and reading.

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Openwheeler Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair

To gamers that love racing games, playing using a mouse and keyboard isn’t really the way to do it. You need a driving simulator gaming chair and the Openwheeler Racing Seat gives you just that! Ramp up your gaming and feel what is it like driving your favorite sports car! The Openwheeler Racing Seat is the best seller when it comes to driving simulator gaming chairs today. It is designed to accommodate the Logitech G27 and G25 as well as the new Logitech G29 Driving Force Race Wheel and Logitech G920.


How to SEO a Blog Post in 2018 – [Easy Step by Step Guide]

How to SEO a Blog Post

Do you want to know how to SEO a blog post?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post I will be revealing the right way to SEO your blog posts step by step.

SEO is important because it will bring in a massive portion of your traffic.

When people think of the internet, Google is the first thing that comes to mind and they type in whatever they’re thinking into there.

It’s important that you how up first in these search results.

This way you’ll be able to get a lot of traffic and even capture it through email marketing.

But that’s an entire post by itself.

Let’s dive straight into this.

First of all, you need a main keyword that you want to target.


Let’s just say you’re a board game website, you may want to target, “Do people still play board games?”

Before you decide to make that your main keyword, see if anyone is searching it by using a keyword tool.

Once you’ve decided on your keyword, make sure you create the content.


After you’ve created the content, you’re going to want create the Google title by using a plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO.

And you want the Google title to contain the keyword you’re targeting.

Next, you want to optimise the URL, this is the link to your site. Make sure it contains the keyword you want to rank for.

TIP: Short URLs will help you rank better.

After that’s done, optimise your post for user experience. Make sure you include helpful multimedia like images, videos, and audio.

Make sure your text isn’t made up of blocks and is broken into chunks. No more than 5 lines is a good rule to follow.

Make sure you have good page load speed times. You don’t want users waiting around.

If you’re looking for an SEO coach, check out the Clickdo SEO agency.

Dallas white granite bathroom

Let us tell you that we offer the great range of granite colours and designs. We always look after to fulfil the demand of our customers as soon as possible. However, our product range is enough to provide sufficient design patterns in specific granite worktops colour so that our customers get their desirable colour pattern under the same roof.

The colour of product shown here may differ sometimes because of the different resolution of a computer screen. It is advisable to order free samples to check the exact colour and match up with the colour of Dallas white granite bathroom.

Price range for standard granite worktops colour is almost same. But, it may change or vary depending upon some specific colour patterns and their rarity. Certain additional charges are always applicable such as cutting and polishing.

Browse the online palette of granite colours

We have one of the largest collections in granite worktops colour that are designed for elegance. No matter what is your budget? If you are a true admirer of granite then it is time to visit the exquisite colours of granite products at our store. We make sure that you will receive 100% assistance from our no sales pressure team right from stone selection to after sales care.

Affordable elegance of granite colours for perfect interiors

Our entire inventory of granite worktops colour is categorized into bespoke and standard colours. This will help you to instantly find best for your interiors. Call us and ask for no obligation price quotation today.

Best Cakes in UK

Formerly a pâtissière, and qualified with distinction in design and decoration of confectionary, Kim has the creativity, expertise and meticulous attention to detail to create breathtakingly beautiful cakes that are truly Ooh la la!

Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, each cake is individually designed through a series of consultations, to complement the theme of your occasion. Kim will work with you to create a perfect cake that not only looks stunning, but will also meet your requirements practically and logistically.


Little Loves Pantry attended college for cake decorating to Distinction Level, they have also taken lessons in sugar flowers and can produce impressive arrangements. They have also been on training courses at Slatteries in Manchester and is skilled in human sugar modelling and Chocolate Wedding Cakes.

The atmosphere in our shop is friendly and we are always available if you are in need of advice. You can choose from our photograph album or have a cake personally designed for you. Alternatively we can quote on any design from a magazine or book. Dreamcakes by Kathy also supplies sugarcraft materials and equipment for decorating your home made cakes. We try to accommodate most requests for cakes, including dietary needs

What Would the World be Like Without Electricity?

What would the world be like without electricity?

This is a fun and interesting question.

In fact…

It’s the type of question you would ask if you were discussing fantasy or post-apocalyptic worlds.

Sure, fantasy may not be the best word for a world without electricity, however, it’s just so hard for us to imagine a world without electricity.

As I’m typing this post up on my laptop, I just can’t imagine what I would do without electrical devices.

People are stuck in their mobiles phones like zombies… it’s actually kinda sad to be honest.

smart phone

Maybe it would be a good thing if we temporarily stopped using electricity and devices so we can really appreciate them and learn to love to world around us.

You know how the say goes: “You never truly appreciate something until you’ve lost it.”

…and I think this really is the case with electricity.

We give children mobile devices and they don’t give any though about it…

…that’s just how they think the world is and always will be.

They’ve never lived in a world where technology wasn’t anywhere near as advanced as it is today.

life without electricity

Hey… that would be an interesting and fun experiment…

…seeing how children react without their mobile devices and TV’s.

I guess you could say we’ve taken electricity for granted because it has made life so much easier and we can’t imagine a life where there is no electricity.

If you go to a place like London, electricity is in every household.

These devices truly are like magic…

…being able to have a little box in your pocket (phone) that can call anyone on the planet.

Being able to fly (Aeroplane and jet-packs)

Landing on the Moon and preparing the colonise planets.

If you were to mention these things not too long ago, you would have been burned alive because you would have been considered a Witch.

Only 50 years ago if you were to mention these things… people would have considered you crazy.