Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins

The Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins will aggressively work to get you the best resolution to your case. In most cases, our team of tough, smart Salt Lake City family law attorneys can settle your case quickly and with much less expense than you probably thought possible. However, if the case requires heavy litigation, our battle tested attorneys stand ready to fight for you. While we make every attempt to settle our family law cases in a quick and inexpensive manner, we handle many non-divorce and post-judgment motions where a settlement is an unlikely option.


┬áCall us today to meet with one of our Arnold Wadsworth & Coggins family law motion attorneys at our office. Some cases are so serious that they require extensive litigation experience and an excellent track record forged over several decades of fighting for clients. When it comes to restraining orders, domestic violence charges such as assault and harassment, custody trials and DYFS actions, everything is on the line and you need someone that will fight for you and stand up to judges, prosecutors, attorneys and DYFS workers no matter who they are. When a total victory is the only option, the lawyers of Venturi & Henninger are the aggressive attorneys you’ve been looking for.

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