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The main thing that differentiates Gmail from its competitors is it has labels in place of folders. This helped messages to be tagged with multiple labels instead of being kept in a specific folder. The essential thing is most people have this misconception that Google has only labels and no folders which aren’t true, depending on labels those messages are stored in specific folders if it is applied with more than one label that email message will appear in multiple folders. follows the traditional folder structure which has categories rather than labels. You have the feasibility to apply more than one category but that does not move the message into that folder. It also automatically tags messages with categories such as Newsletter, Document etc which are called as Quick view folders.


Search is the main reason for Gmail’s existence. They had the idea of searching emails in an email service which could be searched as easily as done on the internet. By simply typing search terms in the search bar present at the top of the webpage which gives what you are looking for. The users also have the opportunity of more advanced methods such as typing shortcuts “from:” or “to:”. login also has a similar search facility with advanced methods to find the right information quickly. Quick View folders enable users to search through emails such as last few emails which contained photos for example. The search is good but not as great as Gmail.

Gmail, as everyone knows, integrates with Google Docs. It is pretty obvious that for example, the user has the ability to open attachments in Google Applications and save it to the drive without leaving the Google ecosystem.Google also has the ability to integrate with third-party applications such as CRM apps. is a bit late to the extensions party, everyone expects from Microsoft, integrates completely with Office 365 apps and OneDrive. It was also announced that it would create third party apps for that platform by spring developers. This means that provides easy access to Word Excel, Power-point, and Onenote as well as Sway which helps users to create multimedia services.

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