How to find dentist in essex?

Today I started the Root Canal Treatment.

The Problem

Teeth are the hardest substance in the body. They are sharp for cutting and grinding food. The teeth are encased in bone which is also hard and unforgiving. The head is very vulnerable to trauma. The head houses many intricate sensory functions. The mouth is usually facing toward activity due to the proximity of the eyes.

The Cause

The Head and neck take blow constantly during athletic activities. The teeth are highly susceptible to trauma either directly from a blow or indirectly from a blow to the chin or back of the head causing the teeth to come together hard. Other soft tissues can also be injured by the teeth during a sudden blow.

The Solution

Proper protection including a mouth guard are essential to reducing injuries. A custom fitted mouth guard can easily absorb the shock of a blow to the head or teeth. A custom fitted mouth guard is more comfortable and more likely to be worn than an off the shelf “boil and bite” guard. In addition, a custom fitted guard offers more protection. Many sports organizations require mouth guards in order to play. Some dental offices offer this type of custom mouth guard.

Does a mouth guard improve performance?

There are studies showing improved strength in people using a custom orthotic. The studies showing improvement have been underwritten by the companies selling the products. There is not enough independent evidence to make the claim at this point.

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