What Would the World be Like Without Electricity?

What would the world be like without electricity?

This is a fun and interesting question.

In fact…

It’s the type of question you would ask if you were discussing fantasy or post-apocalyptic worlds.

Sure, fantasy may not be the best word for a world without electricity, however, it’s just so hard for us to imagine a world without electricity.

As I’m typing this post up on my laptop, I just can’t imagine what I would do without electrical devices.

People are stuck in their mobiles phones like zombies… it’s actually kinda sad to be honest.

smart phone

Maybe it would be a good thing if we temporarily stopped using electricity and devices so we can really appreciate them and learn to love to world around us.

You know how the say goes: “You never truly appreciate something until you’ve lost it.”

…and I think this really is the case with electricity.

We give children mobile devices and they don’t give any though about it…

…that’s just how they think the world is and always will be.

They’ve never lived in a world where technology wasn’t anywhere near as advanced as it is today.

life without electricity

Hey… that would be an interesting and fun experiment…

…seeing how children react without their mobile devices and TV’s.

I guess you could say we’ve taken electricity for granted because it has made life so much easier and we can’t imagine a life where there is no electricity.

If you go to a place like London, electricity is in every household.

These devices truly are like magic…

…being able to have a little box in your pocket (phone) that can call anyone on the planet.

Being able to fly (Aeroplane and jet-packs)

Landing on the Moon and preparing the colonise planets.

If you were to mention these things not too long ago, you would have been burned alive because you would have been considered a Witch.

Only 50 years ago if you were to mention these things… people would have considered you crazy.

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