Looking for reliable MYJAR lender?

Generally speaking, typical MyJar loans APR can be misleading as you should only take a MyJar loan over a term of 31 days which in theory, is APR the best termonology for MyJar loan? Where as the personal loan APR is over a 12 month term and will include fees, charges and a combustion of credit checks due to the long period.

Are you a direct lender?
No, however 1st Class Loans – MyJar are associated with 40+ lenders who we work with to find the best loan for you for your required cash amount. If you are eligible for a loan, you will be matched to the very best suitable lender for your required cash circumstances and situation. We currently have 40+ lenders on our panel waiting to give you the best loan option for you..

How much can i borrow?
You may apply for anything up to ?1,000 until your next payday.

What are Faster Payments?
The UK Banks Faster Payments Service can reduce the traditional 3 working day BACS transfer to typically a few hours. You will need to check with your Bank that your Account can accept faster payments.




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