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Lets take an example, You! When You search for something over web, do you click on ONE result in Google, check it out and come back to Google then check other results! No…! It even sounds boring!

Everyone of us, when Google loads with results, at least click on 2-3 results and open them in new tab. Then, switching through the tabs, we look for the information. Once we get desired thing, close other tabs. This is very general way of surfing or searching. So, if you write long n long paragraphs with rich content it’s difficult to make readers read it, unless you are the only source of that information.

So, every time you hit that publish button, do remember to divide your content in proper heading tags, paragraphs, numbering, bullets etc. Heading Tags are Important For SEO so use them properly.

Tip #2: Attractive And Descriptive Headings:
Headings should be juicy enough to grab eyes of readers and descriptive enough to give the idea about scope of content below it. This helps readers to skim through your content. For example, take this article. Here you can see 6-7 headings. Reader can overlook the article, go through headings and can read the paragraph below the heading of her relevance.

Tip #3: Too Abstract Information:
This happens with me when I have not done enough research of topic or I am not clear about the outcome of the article. Every blogger must know that what reader will understand at the end of article. I do remember, every time I posted such BAD article, I lost few of my subscribers (about my other blog!).

So, article must be informative enough. It should cover the thing mentioned in the Title of article. Otherwise, be ready to loose reader or horrible comment.

Tip #4: Use Of Media Files Where It Should Be:
If you are explaining something technical or complex thing, use media. i.e. image, video. Otherwise, reader may get overwhelmed and stop reading it.

Example: Here I am teaching how to do simple perspective drawing.

Draw a horizontal line at center of paper. Then from 1/3rd of bottom edge, draw a line to center of paper. Also, do the mirror line of this. Then color the between part gray. Draw road stripes. Color the outside of road like desert blah blah blah.

OR I can show this image.

Way To Seo Perspective Drawing of Road in Desert

Also, check out Image Optimization For Better SEO.

Tip #5: Proper Linking:
New Panda update from Google favors the interlinking a lot. Interlinking is obvious thing. Every blog or website has some niche. Topics you cover in different articles may contain similar or supplementary information. So, there is very chance to link your older articles from new article and vice-verse. Also, if you want to refer some other site, do that also. Good for SEO, you and reader.

Though, linking is good avoid too much linking. Pages look cluttered in that case. Nobody likes that.

Tip #6: Many Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes:
To avoid spelling mistakes you can write your article in Firefox or Microsoft Word. They are good at suggestions. Microsoft Word can point out some of grammatical mistakes too.


To avoid grammatical mistakes, best way is read the books, hear the people, watch serials in that language, take the language course. But this long way. For now, read your article aloud or at least like your reader. You may spot some of mistakes.

For English, follow Daily Writing Tips or study the book Word Power Made Easy By Norman Lewis

Tip #7: Little Back-end SEO Work:
At back-end you need to set 3 things.

Title Tag: Must be attractive, must contain most important keyword, not longer than 60 characters.
Meta Tags Tag: Add the tags which readers may use to find your page. Good to use more than 4 and less than 8-9 tags for one page.
Meta Description Tag: A small paragraph, rather excerpt of article, 160 character long and must contain your most important keyword/s.

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