Plumbing Pineville NC – Is It for You?

Plumbing Pineville NC can work around a 40 hour week, sometimes with overtime. Some plumbers offer a 24-hour call-out service, while other self employed plumbers may find that they can work fewer hours.

Plumbing is both an indoor and outdoor job, involving work in all weathers, at all heights, and in some confined spaces. A driving licence is an advantage too, especially if you are intending to set up your own business.

To be a plumber, skills you will need include:

• Able to read technical plans/drawings
• Practical skills and problem solving
• Methodological working pattern
• Have a head for heights and small spaces
• Be fit and have good colour vision
• Be safety aware
• Be polite with customers

Starting salaries for newly qualified plumbers range between £16,500 and £20,500.

Experienced plumbers can earn between £21,000 and £26,000 a year, which can be up to £30,000.

Self-employed plumbers may have higher earnings, depending on their workload.


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