Story of a Guy with Low Testosterone

Meet Steve– a hard-working, devoted, and trusting husband…..and  an active and playful father of two energetic children. Yet as he neared age 40, he slowly fell into a funk. Where there had once been a gym there was now a couch and a remote control. Instead of a joke-telling happy disposition, he was becoming grumpy and hard to be around. His once insatiable libido had dwindled, and he seemed to be asexual. Unbeknownst to Steve, his wife became suspicious at first. Like any worried wife, she snooped a little. She found nothing, and she had not thought she would anyway– for they shared a deep very committed type of love.  He was always where he said he was going to be, but she had also noticed he was turning down social invitations– not just with her but with family, friends, and others. Was he depressed? Was he about to hit the dreaded “mid-life-crisis”? The wife worried for months– even got sick and tired of the now ho-hum beat to his once upbeat personality—, and then she heard about Low Testosterone (Low T). The married couple went away for two days– so they could be alone and talk– and slowly she presented the concept of (the  possibility of) low testosterone–  in a way that would not hurt his feelings. Steve’s testosterone levels were tested by a doctor. In fact his levels had been quite low.  He was given the opportunity to  take testosterone therapy. Yet before he did, he felt it was time to review a few things about testosterone levels (regular vs. irregular). Check out the new Nugenix for best  testosterone boost.


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