Testing for mold in Atlanta, GA

A mold inspection completed by our certified professionals is no ordinary inspection….it is thorough, extensive and works against the mold to uncover all hiding places. We are experienced, and sneakier than the mold! We ensure it’s favorite hiding places are found.  Mold can begin to grow very quickly, and relatively easily. In fact, it can continue to grow and thrive in even low humidity levels. Your home or business may be at risk of a mold contamination if you have ever experienced water damage, water intrusion or have noticed and unusual musty odour.


Mold contamination can impact more than just your indoor air quality.  Some molds are toxin producing and can potentially  cause some serious health risks. Informed Decisions Mold Inspection Services can help if you are looking to protect your home, family, business and employees from adverse symptoms and allergens that can negatively impact their day to day activities.

Testing for mold in Atlanta, GA and air quality testing providers can vary widely from one company to the next.  Making the wrong choice in service providers can result in improper/inadequate testing, questionable results, and even future contaminations.  For that reason, it is imparative that you hire experienced, certified and qualified Atlanta, GA mold professionals to find the underlying condition that is contributing to your problem, and put a halt to any contaminations before thay are given any opportunity to spread.  Our visual inspection, combined with professional air quality testing, makes certain that if there is any mold present in your home, we will find it!  We are industry leaders and our air samples are analyzed by an accredited lab in Ontario.

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